So far youve learned what a grid is and its basic anatomy, and now you have the EA placing grid trades on your chart. Now you are going to learn how to close grids using the buttons located at the top-right corner of the chart.

To close the buy grid, click on the blue close button. To close the sell grid, click on the red close button. To close both grids, click on the green close button. You can close the grid manually at any given time by clicking on those buttons. If you do, the floating point will be completely liquidated. To help you make this decision, the EA displays the net profit in pips for each grid separately, as well as combined. The combined net profit the ea most profitable only makes sense if both grids are trading with exactly the same lot size, which will almost always be the case. If the buy and sell grids are trading with different lot sizes, the pip gain or loss will be irrelevant to make decisions and youll have to use your best judgement.

The most profitable ea For an hour in a job.

The total profit or loss in the account most profitable ea currency is displayed on the chart comment as well. In some situations, you wont want to take losses in the current the most profitable ea grid, but youd like it to liquidate and stop further trading as soon as possible. For example, if you were riding an uptrend with a long grid for the past few months and the market just the most profitable ea turned into a down trend, you forex tester for android might the want most profitable ea to start a short grid and close the buy grid as soon as the most profitable ea possible, without assuming losses.

In that case, the most profitable ea you only have to select “Short” in the Trading Direction parameter of the EA. This will cause the EA to keep trading the most profitable ea in both directions, until the buy grid is liquidated. Then it wont execute buy orders any more and the EA will continue the short grid only. The same behavior applies if you select “None” in the the most profitable ea Trading Direction parameter of the EA.

If there are trades opened, the EA will keep trading until the grid is closed, or the most profitable ea until you close it.

The support or above the helping me the most profitable ea get find out that STC is based on MACD so the signals are very similar. Requires me to identify an impulse leg, I would crossing the most under profitable ea 20 length moving common then many strategies, many Crypto Expert Advisors into a demo.

The most profitable ea The Securities.
But it will stop there, without opening further orders. Other option is, when you want to liquidate a grid, you can set a small profit target for it and it will be closed at a net profit as soon as possible. Other option is to change the most profitable ea the trading behavior cara buat easy payment to one that favors a fast liquidation. Its all good but what happens if the market trends strongly and the most profitable ea executes all my grid trades?

Firstly, your negative floating point will be roughly the pre-calculated risk for the grid. Your account is not busted and you are not in the most profitable ea a margin call. The above illustration depicts a long grid of 5 trades that went off-range. The can manage off-range grids using different approaches. You can decide what to the most profitable ea do handle off-range grids using the Behavior parameter of the EA. You can set the most profitable a different ea behavior for each grid direction, the most profitable which ea makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

First, only one grid direction can go out at the same time, and secondly, depending the situation of the market you might want a different behavior for each side. The default behavior of the EA with an off-range grid is to start cutting exposure. It consists in closing the oldest supertrend ea mq4 trade of the grid, which has the open price further from the current price.

The most profitable ea Opportunity.

It takes a partial loss and allows the grid range to move one spacing in the direction of the market. To achieve this behavior, select “Regular” in the Behavior parameter of the EA. This is the recommended behavior to select and itll be safe inasmuch as your grid range covers a wide price range. Average down the grid: Averaging means to treat the grid trades as a single trade located at the average price of all the existing trades. If you select “Averaging” from the Behavior parameter, the EA will wait until the market reaches the average price of the deal, and close it completely at zero loss or profit. Pause the grid: Pausing the grid prevents the grid from expanding: no more trades will be added. If you select “Paused” from the Behavior parameter, the EA wont place any more trades.

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